Amsterdam Rollerbasketball Tournament 2010

People with Facebook accounts will already have been treated to many photos of the tournament. For those without: here are some photos from the DRIBBL players Danilo (85 photos) and Marco (3 photos):

Tournament 2010

(Max from DRIBBL 2 kicks off the first in a series of team reports)

Team Members

DRIBBL 2 started the tournament in a new team that never played together before. Team members were:
  • Fernon, AKA “de poema“, who is an oldschool player with loads of experience, but no playtime in the past 5 years.
  • Erik Hupkes, A strong and long player who is a consistent rebounder and a steady offender
  • Samir, a new guy we found in the rollersoccer scene that is interested in broadening his roller-experience and only trained once before entering the tournament
  • Dennis, A very strong defender that knows how to be the “pain in the ass” for the scoring canons
  • Max, A very fast player that knows how to make fast counters and likes to disturb the offense of the opponent

First round

We started the tournament against Berlin 1 and knew that this was going to be the toughest game of the group phase. It was a very close game and a true thriller until the end. We were able to beat Berlin with 4 points difference by using very advanced delaying techniques at the end ;-)!
The second game was against the survivors. Because we had some practice experience against them, we knew what their weak points were and it was not necessary to use a lot of force or gallery play to claim the victory.
Last game of the group phase was against Bremen. This was our worst game of the group phase, but luckily for us Bremen had not sent their most powerful players to come and beat us. They had a very good resistance, but at the end we were able to build up a gap to become the first place of group A. This result was more than expected and had made our day, no matter what else would happen.

Featuring some clips of DRIBBL 2 – Survivors, DRIBBL 1 – Hamburg, GMS 1 – DRIBBL 3, Berlin 2 – GMS 1, Survivors – Bremen, Berlin 2 – Berlin 3, Survivors – GMS 2. Applogies to the teams of Köln and Berlin 1: I hope somebody else filmed your actions…


Thanks to everyone for making this a wonderful tournament!

Here are the results:

  1. DRIBBL 1
  2. DRIBBL 3
  3. Hamburg
  4. Köln
  5. Berlin 1
  6. DRIBBL 2
  7. GMS 1
  8. Berlin 3
  9. Berlin 2
  10. GMS 2
  11. Bremen
  12. Survivors

Rookie of the year: Marius (GMS 2)

MVP: Denny Fischer from Hamburg.

Results of individual matches can be found here.

Keep checking this site for photos/videos/analyses.

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Pre-tournament meet-up at Café Cuba on Friday the 26th at 21:00. If you’re not there I hope you’ll at least have the excuse of having gone on the Friday Night Skate!


Nieuwmarkt 3
1011 JP Amsterdam, Netherlands
020 6274919 (map)


The first draft of the schedule is finished! Check it out if you want to see who you’ll be playing. We still have to finish determining who will referee which games and when, so that everybody gets their fair share of matches to arbiter.

The tournament will have three rounds:

Round 1 – 9:30-13:00

First, we divide everybody into three pools: A,B and C, more or less of equal strength. Each pool has four teams in it. Every team in each pool plays every other team in the same pool, in round-robin fashion. So: A1 plays A2, A3 and A4, for instance.

Lunch – 13:00 – 14:00

Time to enjoy a lovely pasta salad, or whatever else you want to treat yourself to!

Round 2 – 14:00 – 15:00

Next round is an elimination round! Lose a game in this round and you won’t be in the top three for sure.

The two best teams of the pools from round 1 pool go into a new pool, consisting of six teams. The remaining six teams go into another pool. The best team of pool A plays against the number 2 of pool B. The best team of pool B plays against the number 2 of pool C. Finally the best team of pool C plays against the number 2 of pool A. The winners of these matches go into the top pool of round 3. The losers go into the second pool of round 3. So the six teams of the first pool of round 3 are split up into two pools, each containing three teams.

For the other pool of six things go completely analogously: this pool is also split up into two pools for round 3.

Round 3 – 15:30 – 18:30

In this round we go back to round-robin, this time for four pools. Every team in each pool plays the other two teams in this pool.

Whoever wins the top pool is the champion for this tournament. Whoever wins in the second pool is number 4 in the tournament, etc.

Clear? 😉  Feel free to ask any questions, if it’s not and I’ll do my best to clarify. Or you just let it all happen, we’ll tell you where and when to play. You don’t need to understand to become champion :-). The beautiful thing about this schedule: everybody plays six matches, win or lose!

Note, this schedule is pretty certain, but we might make some last minute changes.


Danilo, one of the players of DRIBBL is the chef of an Italian restaurant, where he works with his mother, Maria. They’re closing it especially for the tournament, so he can play and have dinner with us afterwards. His mother would like to provide us with proper Italian lunches consisting of:

– a pasta salad with penne, tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and parmigiano
– a rucola salad with olives
– a drink (coca cola, fanta or some lovely and pure fruit juice like pear or apricot)

The price would be €10. Included are napkins and a fork. Please let us know how many on your team are interested, so they can prepare and bring enough for those that ordered. I would recommend it: who can refuse Italian cuisine?!

Please let us know before Thursday the 25th, preferably earlier!