Amsterdam Rollerbasketball Tournament 2010

Introducing the Amsterdam Rollerbasketball Tournament 2010

Posted on: December 2, 2009

The Amsterdam Rollerbasketball Tournament  on February 27th 2010 is GO!

So far it looks like the following teams will participate:

  1. Brazil: 1 team (5 players)
  2. Koblenz-Guls : 2 teams (10 players)
  3. Berlin: 1 team
  4. Bremen: 1 team
  5. Braunschweig: 2 players
  6. Koln: 1 team, 4 players
  7. Hamburg: 1 team
  8. Amsterdam: 2 teams

Not all of these teams are 100% sure, but enough of them to have the confidence to say that we will have enough for a tournament. Also, Braunschweig (and maybe others) may not have a complete team, so as usual, we’ll probably have a mixed team.

The location has changed from the last Amsterdam tournament. This year we’re playing in Sporthal Zeeburg. The sports hall from last year is no longer fit for skating. Anyway, it looks like Stayokay Amsterdam Zeeburg is a good option if you’re looking for a hostel.


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