Amsterdam Rollerbasketball Tournament 2010

Berlin: fourteen players

Posted on: January 15, 2010

This is the Berlin team from 2008:

Testpersonen Berlin

This year they’ll be here with fourteen players!

Here’s the latest info on who’s playing:

  1. Brazil: 1 team (5 players). They’re still waiting on word from their sponsor, but it’s looking good.
  2. Gülser-Mosel-Skater (Koblenz-Güls) : 2 teams (11 players).
  3. Berlin: 2-3 teams (14 players)
  4. Bremen Skateclub: 1 team (confirmed, but # of players as yet not known, at least four I assume)
  5. Braunschweig: 3 players (so not a full team yet)
  6. Köln/Bonn: 1 team (4 players)
  7. Hamburg Hot Wheels: 1 team (5 players)
  8. DRIBBL (Amsterdam): 2-3 teams (14 players so far)
  9. Survivors (Amsterdam): 1 team (number of players unknown).
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[…] veranstalten am 27. Februar 2010 ein Turnier. Yeah! Es haben schon diverse Teams gemeldet. allein Berlin kommt mit 14 Spielern! Leider kann ich nicht dabei sein, da ich an diesem Wochenende beim Internationalen Springertag in […]

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