Amsterdam Rollerbasketball Tournament 2010


Posted on: February 28, 2010

Thanks to everyone for making this a wonderful tournament!

Here are the results:

  1. DRIBBL 1
  2. DRIBBL 3
  3. Hamburg
  4. Köln
  5. Berlin 1
  6. DRIBBL 2
  7. GMS 1
  8. Berlin 3
  9. Berlin 2
  10. GMS 2
  11. Bremen
  12. Survivors

Rookie of the year: Marius (GMS 2)

MVP: Denny Fischer from Hamburg.

Results of individual matches can be found here.

Keep checking this site for photos/videos/analyses.

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2 Responses to "Results"

Ihr seid so geil, Hamburg! I throw myself away! 🙂
Congratulations to DRIBBL as well! 🙂

cheers, shibby

[…] DRIBBL 1: Marco, Tobias, Erik T, Joost. 11e plaats behaald! […]

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