Amsterdam Rollerbasketball Tournament 2010

The tournament according to DRIBBL 2

Posted on: March 5, 2010

(Max from DRIBBL 2 kicks off the first in a series of team reports)

Team Members

DRIBBL 2 started the tournament in a new team that never played together before. Team members were:
  • Fernon, AKA “de poema“, who is an oldschool player with loads of experience, but no playtime in the past 5 years.
  • Erik Hupkes, A strong and long player who is a consistent rebounder and a steady offender
  • Samir, a new guy we found in the rollersoccer scene that is interested in broadening his roller-experience and only trained once before entering the tournament
  • Dennis, A very strong defender that knows how to be the “pain in the ass” for the scoring canons
  • Max, A very fast player that knows how to make fast counters and likes to disturb the offense of the opponent

First round

We started the tournament against Berlin 1 and knew that this was going to be the toughest game of the group phase. It was a very close game and a true thriller until the end. We were able to beat Berlin with 4 points difference by using very advanced delaying techniques at the end ;-)!
The second game was against the survivors. Because we had some practice experience against them, we knew what their weak points were and it was not necessary to use a lot of force or gallery play to claim the victory.
Last game of the group phase was against Bremen. This was our worst game of the group phase, but luckily for us Bremen had not sent their most powerful players to come and beat us. They had a very good resistance, but at the end we were able to build up a gap to become the first place of group A. This result was more than expected and had made our day, no matter what else would happen.

Second Round

The lunch was very nice and the restaurant of Danilo had shown all effort to provide us with Italian finest foods. But it was too delicious and too much. We were still digesting our food when we had to face Hamburg. Both teams missed a lot of easy points during the match, but we missed more  of them. Hamburg took away our dream of a place on the podium by beating us with five points difference. Denny was later pronounced as MVP, which was the right decision if we look at our match.

Third round

Still not recovered from our loss we were crying out our defeat in the last two games. We had to face our old opponent from the first round, Berlin 1. The level of our game was not even close to the first round and they took their revenge by a clear victory. The last game was against Köln we started off very close but at the end Köln was the better team.


We finally ended up at the 6th place, something that we never hoped before starting the tournament. The other teams from DRIBBL (Amsterdam) claimed first and second prize just to ease our pain of not having a medal. But we keep our hopes up. Next year we will be back. But we will be stronger, fitter, uglier and more aggressive. We will come up with the most advanced strategies and techniques to beat our opponents. So if you are out there and read this, you better start training for yourself if you want to stand a chance to beat us!
Tschüss, Groeten,

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@First Round: Maybe next time Bremen will throw their most powerful players into battle again, then we’ll see who’s uglier and all 😉

P.S. Thanks for the 3-pointer, Max 😉

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