Amsterdam Rollerbasketball Tournament 2010


This is a summary of the rules for the tournament. A full description of the Nibbl-rules can be found here. There is also a translation of this page in German.

No zone defense, helmets mandatory


  • no free throws!
  • foul against a non-shooting player = ball possession (after four team fouls: 1 point + ball possession)
  • foul against a shooting but non-scoring player = 1 point + ball possession
  • foul against a shooting and scoring player = score + 1 point bonus


The player possessing the ball must dribble it when he starts to stroke with his skates. When he picks up his dribble, he can continue to glide for three seconds – he may even turn once but he cannot push off to accelerate. If he accelerates by stroking, it’s a traveling violation. If a moving player receives a pass, he can glide without dribbling for ten feet (3m), however, if he starts to stroke, he must commence dribbling and when he stops dribbling he can no longer stroke.

Out of bounds

A player is legal as long as he has one skate touching the line or if the ball is being dribbled inside the line. It’s a violation if both skates and the ball are out of bounds.


The game does not have to be stopped in order to substitute. The players involved in the change must tag each other for the substitute to enter the court. The substitute player must stand out of bounds at half-court until he is tagged. The player being replaced must exit after tagging the substitute.

Picks and screens

Picks and screens that are legal in regular basketball are allowed only inside the three-point arc of the team on offense.

Putting the Ball in Play

Games start with a jump-ball at center court. To start the second half, the team which lost the jump-ball at the start of the game gets possession. Ball possession after tied balls is alternated between teams. After a violation, the team awarded the ball can put it in play immediately without the referee touching the ball. After a foul, the referee must touch the ball before it can be put in play. No inbound after a score.

Female players

Mixed teams of both female and male players are allowed and in fact encouraged. When a female player scores she gets an extra point. So instead of getting two points for a normal shot, she would get three points. A shot from beyond the three point arc is awarded with four points!


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